Is podcasting good for marketing?

Podcasting is a great tool to increase your brands reputation, authority and recognition. With audio marketing on the rise, podcasting is also a great way to enhance your existing marketing channels.

This article poses a simple question: will podcasting help with marketing?
In short the answer is a resounding YES, for many reasons. Let’s go through a few of them.

1: Podcasting is on the rise.

Right now there are 16.4m regular podcast listeners in the UK, which is 24% of the country! Podcasting has increased massively over the years and is set to continue, current projections show a growth of 1 million additional regular listeners each year, hitting 20 million in 2024.


There is now an audience and appetite for podcasting in the United Kingdom. It is also reported in Ofcoms latest podcast survey, that the most popular type of podcast content is audio programmes about a particular topic. This is great news for businesses as your industry, product or service will have heaps of topical information that you can share in a podcast format.

2: A sales call without a sales call.

One of our existing customers described podcasting as a “sales call without a sales call”. Audio content and podcasting is a great sales tool for your existing digital presence. One of the biggest problems with websites and web-based marketing materials, is that they are static and usually revolve around some form of text.

Having a podcast is a innovative way to communicate your product, service or brand in a simple format. Instead of letting your website visitors read about you, why not let them hear about you.


What about video?
Well, research suggests that video is seen as an interruptive media form. You have to focus on the moving picture on the screen to understand what is going on. With a podcast however, the user can click play, continue to use your website, answer emails and more, whilst listening to your messages.

We’ve been surprised ourselves at the amount of business that has come our way as a result of our podcast on our website. It’s such a powerful tool, and let’s face it - we’ve all had that moment where we visit a website and have no idea what the company, brand or product is about. Let’s end that room for confusion with a podcast.

3: The new search revolution.

With podcast listenership on the rise, so too is the popularity of listening apps. The latest data shows that 29% of all podcast listeners in the UK listen to podcasts via Spotify, a further 20.8% listen via Apple Podcasts. That means that over 50% of all podcast listenership takes place on Apple and Spotify’s platforms.


These platforms are full of podcast listeners that are actively searching for new content to consume and listen to. This introduces a brand new SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) perspective to think about. With search so popular on these platforms, there is a new search engine that your business can get into, with a podcast.

With the correct optimised platform, you can ensure that you appear in search results for topics that are close to your brands area of expertise. This is fantastic for marketing, and allows your brand to be heard in a new light on these platforms.

With a track record of being featured in Apple Podcasts and Spotify podcasts, the YCAST Creative team can help you break through into the heart of podcasting in the UK. Find out more about YCAST Grow and get a quote today.

4: Traditional SEO


Let’s not forget about traditional search engines. Having a podcast is proven to help with your websites and brands search engine optimisation. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Dynamic content, released on a regular basis, increases your websites strength in search engines.
  • Having your podcast on podcasting platform can create additional backlinks with some of the biggest brands in the world.
  • Google now shows results for podcasts within Google searches.

YCAST also can increase even further with our unique technology:

  • Hosting your podcast on your website, more on that here, can increase the number of page views on your website, which in-turn increases your strength in search engines.
  • YCAST has a dedicated keyword field for keywords that you would like to appear for. This is injected into your web-players to increase search engine optimisation.
  • Our professional marketing team are on hand to help with anything you need.

The best thing about podcasting and traditional SEO is that it is super easy to get a podcast started for free with YCAST Go, our podcast software designed specifically for businesses and brands. Get started today for free.

5: Conclusion

So, we’ve gone through a few reasons as to why podcasting is GREAT for marketing your brand, business, product or service. Hopefully you can now see that our prediction was correct and that podcasting is a great way to increase the traction of your marketing efforts.


Did you know that at YCAST we have a dedicated team of marketers and podcast professionals that are on-hand to help with anything podcasting?
You can find out more about working with them directly by getting a quote for YCAST Grow, our modular service.

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