How to start a business podcast.

Podcasting is a great way to increase your brands reputation, but starting a podcast for your business can be more complicated than it seems. This article will shed some light on some of the ways you can get started today.

Step 1: Thinking about podcasting

In order to get a podcast up and running you need to know what to talk about. You also need to make sure that your podcast episodes are engaging enough to keep people listening.

There are many ways to start creating content ideas for your podcast. A good place to start is with your company website. Podcasting is a fantastic way to convert the text and messages of your website into an easier to understand audio format.

Take a look at the content on your website and social media platforms and think about how an audio version of that content could sound.


An example would be a product page. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an episode about that product. For instance, starting with the problem that the product solves, you could begin the episode on this problem, why it is difficult etc, and then move on to talk about how your product can solve this problem. When done correctly, this can be a great additional way to simplify your marketing messages, and convert more visitors.

If you need any help with content creation, our team of industry experts and creatives are on hand to help. Learn more about YCAST Grow and get a quote today.

Step 2: Recording the podcast - Hardware

Once you know what you would like to talk about, now is the time to record it. Recording a podcast can be difficult or simple, depending on your technical knowledge. To start with, let's talk about equipment.

Ideal equipment:

  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Headphones - Wireless or Wired

The Blue Yeti is the best in class USB microphone. It records in great quality and has multiple recording modes. We would highly recommend this microphone. In fact, we send one to every single one of our YCAST Grow customers to record their professional podcasts.

Get the Blue Yeti Microphone on Amazon

Starter equipment:

  • iPhone or mobile phone
  • Headphones - Wireless or Wired

The microphones on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices are a much better quality than 99% of PCs and Laptops. We would recommend using a mobile device to record your podcast if you are on a budget.


In terms of headphones, we really recommend using them to record a podcast. Headphones, wired or wireless, reduce any echo via the recording software across two people recording remotely and ensure that you can get the very best out of the hardware you already own. If recording on a mobile device, AirPods or equivalent are great, but be careful not to use the microphones on these devices to record, as they are actually, in our tests and experiences, a lower quality than most in built microphones.

Step 3: Recording the podcast - Software

The recording software is as important as the hardware. There are many options available, starting at free, all the way up to expensive.

If you are looking to get into podcasting quickly and on a low budget, we would recommend the highly popular Zoom video conferencing app to meet with your co-presenter and to record your podcast. Using the Zoom recording feature, you can get a combined audio file for your meeting, making podcasting super simple. The other great thing about Zoom is that it is highly popular, meaning that many people already know how to join meetings and use it.


Although this is a great way to get started, because it is recorded via the internet, this is not the best way to record in high-quality.

Another option is yWe Meet, the recording software that we have developed specifically for this need. yWe Meet is free with every YCAST subscription, including our free YCAST Go option.

yWe Meet enables you to meet online in a room and then record the podcast locally, this removes any internet lag / delay and also records at the highest possible bit-rate (technical term for quality). Once you have finished your recording, you and your co-presenter will both automatically download an audio file with your individual recording. This is also great as it enables you to edit each persons audio file separately, allowing you to enhance the quality and create an amazing podcast episode.

For both of the above options we would recommend Adobe Audition for editing the podcast together. This is used by our professional podcast production team. If you are on a budget, then Audacity is a great cross-platform free piece of software that can do a brilliant job. Editing can be complicated though… luckily our content creation and professional audio production teams are on hand. Feel free to learn more about YCAST Grow and get a quote here.

Once you have edited the file, you can upload it to your podcast host and release it into the world.

Step 4: Podcast Hosting

Now that your podcast has been created, recorded and edited - you are now ready to release it into the world and onto the platforms of your choice.

There are many options for podcast hosting, but not many that have been specifically designed for businesses and brands.

We are of course biased, but we would recommend YCAST for your podcast hosting. YCAST is designed specifically for businesses and brands, and enables you to get everything you need for publishing your podcast.

YCAST also starts for free with YCAST Go! You can sign-up today to get started.

Once your audio file is ready and in an .mp3 format, you can upload it to your podcast host. Simply log-in to your YCAST account, click upload and then complete the additional details around this episode, including the description, title, keywords and more.

YCAST also allows you to schedule episodes at dates in the future. Once selected your episode will be scheduled for release and automatically published across each platform you have chosen, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and your website. Learn more about that in this article.

Step 5: Have a drink to celebrate!

You’ve done it! If you’ve followed the above steps, then feel free to have a drink and celebrate! Your business now has a podcast to help you get your messages out there into the world and onto some of the world's biggest audio platforms.


The YCAST support team offer free support, advice and guidance to all YCAST users, so if you need any additional assistance, create an account today and get in touch! We would love to help you and your business get into the audio marketing world.

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