Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon - why do they matter?

When you think about podcasting, you usually think about listening to podcasts. When you want to start a podcast, there is so much to think about, including how to market your shows and get returning listeners. In this article we are going to discuss why Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music, matter to you.

So what are podcasting apps?

Podcast apps are platforms that allow people to listen to, subscribe to, and pay for podcasts. Podcasting apps have been around for about 20 years. In fact, the name "podcast" originates from Apple’s iTunes software, which first came up with the term because it helped users get audio content onto iPods. Podcast literally derives from iPod and Broadcast. Remember these ads:


For years iTunes was one of the only ways to listen to widely available podcasts. If we fast forward 20 years, there are so many ways to listen to podcasts. The four main platforms in this space are as follows:

  • Apple Podcasts, the streaming version of the old podcasts centre within iTunes.
  • Spotify, the music streaming service entered the podcasting marketing in 2019, and is now the most popular way to listen to podcasts in the UK.
  • Google Podcasts, Google’s version of Apple Podcasts, for Android phones and the web.
  • Amazon Podcasts, a new segment of the Amazon Music platform, including Alexa.

All of these apps are widely popular across the globe. There are also other directories for podcasts, both public and private. BBC Sounds for example is a closed platform for BBC content only. PocketCasts is an open app that also collates podcasts together.

Why should I use them?

In a recent survey from Ofcom, over 50% of all regular podcast listeners (16.4 million people) listen to podcasts across Apple Podcasts and Spotify. This is a huge market of people within the United Kingdom. If you have a podcast but do not publish it on these podcasting platforms, you are essentially closing the door to a massive market share of the current podcast listenership in the UK.


This data is crazy and really shows how important podcasting on these apps is. Let’s say you have a small podcast on YouTube, that's great, but only 21% of podcast listeners use YouTube to listen to / watch podcasts. Simply by adding your podcast to YouTube and the major podcasting apps, you are increasing your reach to 71.8% of the UK’s podcasting listenership. This in-turn will increase the chances of your business appearing in search results too - more on that below.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

By creating a podcast and distributing it out onto these apps, you can really increase your SEO score. As these apps are from some of the worlds biggest brands and companies, you have the opportunity to build backlinks with them.


Another amazing reason to use these platforms, is that they are full of podcast listeners that are actively searching for new content to consume and listen to. This introduces a brand new SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) perspective to think about. With search so popular on these platforms, there is a new search engine that your business can get into, with a podcast.

With the correct optimised platform, you can ensure that you appear in search results for topics that are close to your brands area of expertise. This is great for marketing, and allows your brand to be heard in a new light on these platforms.

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Getting into podcasting and onto these podcasting apps is a must for any business looking to grow in 2021.


If you already have a podcast on YouTube or another channel, you should really consider getting this content onto these platforms. It will really help with your marketing efforts and content reach. The good news is that it is super easy to transform a piece of content from YouTube or elsewhere into a podcast and with YCAST Go being free, there is no barrier to entry. You can sign-up for free today.

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