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The power is in your hands. As a business and brand ourselves, we understand the importance of owning the entire experience of your digital platforms and marketing.

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Good Design
Good Design

Management made easy

We like simple things, that’s why YCAST has all of the features you need to manage your podcast in the easiest way. You control episode meta editing, cloud storage of episodes, back-dating, scheduling and so much more!. We also have a dedicated UK support team that is on hand to assist with any technical problems.

No hidden clauses

You create your content so you own it.In some instances, with other podcast software, your podcast’s copyright can be taken away from you on upload. In other cases, your usage rights could allow another brand to use your content for anything they would like. With YCAST, the podcast host designed for businesses, there are no copyright clauses or usage clauses.

Custom mean custom…

You dream it, we create it! With YCAST Pro, you get the support of our technical team to design the podcast experience for your needs. We can create, develop and design 100% custom web players, add-in features to your podcast software account, and help you make sure that everything is working the way you want and need.

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