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Unlike other podcast software, YCAST gives you complete control of your content and web-player.

Rebrand your web-player

A web-player that meet your needs! Customise your own web-player, embed it into your website and create advanced experiences for your listeners.

Take ownership of your content

We believe you should own your content, because it belongs to you! YCAST has no copyright or usage clauses. Read our terms to see for yourself.

Get onto Apple, Spotify, Google and more…

With our open RSS feed technology, there are no restrictions on where you can take your podcast. With a super simple admin page, you will get in one place all the tools you need to make your podcast available to listen in no time.

Everything your business needs

Everything you need to get your podcast into the ears of your new potential customers.

Everything you expect

Upload shows, edit shows, full Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon and Google support - including trailers and seasons, embed into your website, customise your web player, and way way more.

Recording’s covered too…

Use our bespoke HD podcast recording and video conferencing suite, yWe Meet, to record remotely with ease. Included for FREE with a YCAST subscription.

Simple to admin. Simple pricing.

YCAST is designed to be super simple and easy. Starting for free, we have designed easy to upgrade packages for everyone’s budget to get the best podcast out there!

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