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Discover yCAST: the ultimate podcasting platform for businesses. Elevate your brand's voice with our cutting-edge technology, designed for impactful storytelling and audience engagement.

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User-Freindly Advanced Technology

Take Control of Your Podcast

With state-of-the-art podcast hosting technology, yCAST provides a seamless and intuitive user experience. This makes it easy for businesses of all sizes and technical abilities to distribute high-quality podcasts, ensuring professional-grade audio that aligns with their brand image.

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Ethical, and Real, Analytics

Really Know How Your Podcast is Doing

yCAST provides comprehensive, ethical analytics to track the success of your podcasts. With expert data analysis, you gain valuable insights into listener behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. This responsible approach to analytics ensures data privacy compliance while offering actionable metrics, enabling you to refine your content strategy and maximize the impact of your podcasting efforts.

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Business-Focused Content Creation

Make Your Business Heard

yCAST offers a unique platform for creating podcasts that are specifically designed for business audiences. This focus ensures that the content is relevant, engaging, and valuable for professionals and enterprises, helping businesses to establish thought leadership and industry authority.

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UK Based

We're Based In The UK

yWe Media, the company behind yCAST, is based in Oxford, UK. We offer dedicated UK based support and we host our servers in the EU, making data protection even more complient for UK companies.

Why choose yCAST?

Why Choose Us?

Why Start Podcasting With yCAST?

💼  Tailored for Businesses
🎤  Professional Equipment and Setup
🥂  Expert Production Team
🖥️  Comprehensive Hosting Solutions
📊  Ethical and Insightful Analytics
🎨  Custom Brand Integration
🌎  Flexible and Scalable

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yCAST was born from a deep passion for both business and radio

Our team boasts extensive experience in both national and local radio broadcasting, blending this expertise with a fervent commitment to exceptional, ethical business software. This unique fusion has driven us to create something truly special - a platform that resonates with the pulse of modern enterprises and the rhythm of compelling storytelling.

yWe, with their yCAST product, were able to offer everything we were looking for when we started-out on our podcasting journey, including hosting, content creation, recording, editing and provided encouraging and invaluable feedback in everything we did.

Jessica Bruce - CEO and Founder - Run 3D

YCAST is a fantastic bit of kit. The ability to have a completely custom branded player on our website was a game-changer. The technical support team are fantastic, and make the process super easy!

Dan Hewitt - Founder and CEO - Boxing TV

yWe were curious about what we wanted to gain from our podcasting experience. Their production assistance was excellent, and in most cases, everything just worked smoothly and was easy to manage. I would not hesitate to recommend yWe Media; in fact, I did so recently!

Ella Overshott, Director - Pecan Partnership

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£299 per episode

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Recording and editing for one episode.

£1,375 for 5 episodes

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Recording and editing for five episodes.

£2,500 for 10 episodes

Save £490!

Recording and editing for ten episodes.

All plans include:

Professional microphones for recording remotly. Dedicated experienced radio producer. Guest management. Outstanding editing. Music selection. Release and distribution.

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